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Welcome to the Worcester Pet Dog Services Family!  

We love our furry family members, and we take great joy in caring for them.  We are so glad you have taken the time to visit us and consider us for your precious pet’s needs.  We offer an array of services that range from everyday dog walks to transporting your pup to be in your wedding!  We also care for other small pets. 

Our company was formed in our hearts before it actually came to fruition. We want to ensure that pet owners can do what they have to do and have peace of mind that their precious pets are in the best of care.  We love what we do and have a great passion for these loving trusting animals. 

If you are interested and have more questions please reach out.  We can also connect you with some of our clients if you’d like, so you can ask them questions directly about our company and walkers.  We look forward to hearing from you and possibly taking care of your fur babies

We offer many services for your convenience.  If you do not see something you are looking for here please let us know.  We can customize our services according to your needs. We also do not do big pack walks.  We want to make sure we connect with each of our pups on their walk by maintaining a small group.  We also do individual walks.  Again it is at your request.

Dog Walks 

We offer walks for as short as 20 minutes all the way up to 60 minutes.  Our most popular is our 30-minute walks and 60 minute walks. 

Overnight Care 

We offer overnight care in your home for your pet’s comfort.  We come at dinner time and stay overnight to care for your precious companion.  It includes a 30-minute dinner walk, feeding, late-night release walk, and a morning walk.  If you need it we can add on an afternoon walk.  It of course also includes lots of love, cuddles, and playtime too!

Special Request Services For Vets and Groomers Visits

Worcester Pet Dog Services has been serving Worcester residents for quite some time. We offer daily dog walks, pet care, and pet sitting with an emphasis on personal attention to meet any of your dog walking or pet care needs.  Here are a few examples of what makes Worcester Pet Dog Services the best choice for dog walking services in Worcester:

Dedicated Daily Walker

We provide the same dog walker every day to ensure the best possible service and consistency for each client.

One on One Care

We do not group walk with other client’s dogs.  One on one attention and personalized care is our specialty.

Training Reinforcement

Learning a new trick or practicing sit, stay, and come, our goal is to use a consistent routine and commands.

Scheduled Vet Visit 

At Worcester Pet dog Services, we will also pay equal attention to your pet’s health and take them to scheduled Pet visits as per your command!

our goal is to be your ideal pet care service. We strive to make our client’s lives easier and keep their pets happy and healthy.  We believe in one on one care and provides the same dog walker every day for the most consistent service possible.  Dogs in our care are never pack walked with other client’s pets to ensure safety and personalized service for each client.  We are available evenings, weekends, and holidays for dog walks and cat care.  Our vacation care and house sitting options are great solutions for the frequent traveler or the occasional vacation.  Contact us today to discuss your pet care needs.


If you need help with these service below, please contact us! 

Dog Walker

Dog Sitter

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People Love How We Treat Their Dogs! 

  • I love how well they take care of my lab, just like family!

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    I love how well they take care of my lab, just like family!
    Bruce Wagner
    Dog Owner
  • I trust Worcester Pet Services with my two little guys! They are the best!

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    I trust Worcester Pet Services with my two little guys! They are the best!
    Nancy O'Brien
    Yorkie Parent