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About Us


We are Worcester Pet Dog Services. Your new favourite neighbourhood pet sitters!Every animal to us deserves the best care and we take care of every single one as if they were our very own.

We have experience with all types of dogs. Many of us have pets who we consider to be our children, so you want someone you can trust with your pet and in your home. 

Worcester Pet Dog Services is Insured and Bonded for your peace of mind! 

You will always meet our sitters first beforehand. We want you to know a little bit about who the sitter is in order for you feel comfortable with the fact that he/she will be entering your home and to ensure you your furry friend will love us. Plus, once you have chosen your sitter they will always be your sitter!  


Dog walking is an important aspect of a dog’s life. Walking helps the dogs not only keep fit and healthy but keep a check on behavioural issues like anxiety and barking. It is difficult for a lot of pet parents/ owners to take their dogs for a regular walk. This is where we step in to help take your dog for a walk at your own convenient home or neighbourhood. We are passionate about dogs and have been doing the same for many years. If you have been looking for professional dog walkers, who are available at your own area, the dog walkers whom you can book online with ease, who are reliable – Look no more because we at Worcester Pet Dog Services help you just do that. And guess what we help you dog walk at a very reasonable dog walking fees. Dog walking seems easy but it comes with its own set of challenges. It needs lots of patience, care, and expertise. Equipped with expertise, experience and intense passion, we at ‘Worcester Pet Dog Services’ help you do it.

Why Regular Walk?

Helps with weight control

Maintain dogs physical health

Decreases loneliness

Improves mental health

Improves better behaviour

Improves Socialization

Worcester Pet Dog Services offers professional pet training services that cater to the overall development of your pet. With practical teaching skills, great knowledge of dog behaviour and a lot of patience, are the virtues our expert of trainers come with.

With excellent communication skills and highly certified trainers, there is a lot in store for your pet with our dog training services at Worcester Pet Dog Services. Connect with us today

Worcester Pet Dog Services is a full-service dog walking and pet care company providing personal and loving care to all dogs and cats in Worcester. 

Worcester Pet Dog Services is a successful small team of experienced dog owners and animal lovers. We understand that life can get busy sometimes, and our furry family members need a little more attention than we can give them. Our affordable and flexible dog walking and pet sitting rates and services allow you the option to give your pup the breaks and the love and exercise that they deserve.


We are dedicated to your pets and only provide positive training methods, that mean we use healthy treats, toys, and anything else that your dog enjoys.  It’s important to us that your pup is enjoying their time out, meeting new dogs, learning new skills and building a relationship with their new walking buddy.  We also don’t want to forget the relationship between our clients and their walkers.  That is why we leave detailed notes after each walk along with a photo.  Our clients also have direct communication with their walkers when needed.


Our mission at Worcester Pet Dog Services is to be able to provide peace of mind to you knowing that your baby is receiving the best care possible. It is the most difficult decision you will ever make, who to trust with your baby? Believe me, I know it only too well. There are probably only a handful of people I would entrust with the care for my dog and to make it onto that list you have to be pretty awesome!

Our foundation is built upon a team of highly trained and dedicated pet care professionals whose sole mission is to make sure your baby receives the best care possible. Their number one focus is simple, pet care! They aren’t worrying about booking in dog walks, scheduling visits. answering calls or text messages that’s why we have a dedicated customer care standing by ready to help! We have many ways that you can reach us at anytime so whether you prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a person, send a text message or prefer email contact we work with what works best for you. We would love to hear from you anytime so don’t be a stranger and pick up the Phone!

Service Overview

Our team of professional pet sitters and dog walkers has carved a niche in pet care services as we are extremely proud about the quality of service that we provide. Worcester Pet Dog Services has received numerous reviews from happy clients (human and furry!) and it’s tremendously humbling to know people love what we do, and as a result this is the energy we use provide to be the best pet care that we can!

We consist of a brilliantly trained team of dog walkers, which reside in your neighbourhood and are happy to serve neighbourhoods.

Through our services you can be assured that we know exactly what you want from us on a daily basis; you enter YOUR pets instructions into your online client profile so that your dog walker is 100% up to date and knows exactly what to do for you and your dog so you can rest assured and have no doubt in your mind that your sitter knows your pets needs

Our walkers will pick up your anxiously awaiting pooch and trot them off the nearest designated off leash park or trek around the city, investigating every fire hydrant, tree and enjoy watching that infamous squirrell scatter up a tree. They will look forward to meeting new and exciting friends in their small structured group, based on their temperament, age and agility.  We offer small groups of no more than 5 dogs, usually 3-4 dogs, to ensure they receive the proper personalized attention they deserve, while being safely secured to our walkers.

At the end of each walk, we will send you video updates and or photos, via text, to let you know what your fur baby was up to and how much fun they had on their adventure!

You will have peace of mind, knowing that you will always have the same walker and that we are always reliable and flexible and truly dedicated to putting you and your furry family member, our top priority always.

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