When is the availability of the dog walkers and how to find out?

Our dog walkers are always available as per your requirements. all you need to do is pre-book the walk to make sure that your favourite walker is available to walk your dog only.

Who will be walking my dog?

At Worcester Pet Dog Services you will find local dog walkers who are in your neighbourhood with dog walking experience and expertise. Many of them have their own dogs at home or have hands-on experience. These are the people who are passionate about dogs, are hardcore animal lovers and certified to the dog walk. You can choose one of the dog-walkers profiles on our application.

Can the walker be the same person each day, so my dog gets used to him/her?

Absolutely, at Worcester Pet Dog Services we understand the significance of security and assurance that your pup would have after seeing the same person daily for walks. We understand the importance of bonding between your pup and the dog walker and its significance. We always encourage and send the same dog walker for dog walking so that eventually your little pup could get used to and is comfortable with the same dog walker. However, if you choose to change the dog walker and try someone else from our application, you can do that too.

How do you select your dog walkers, how would I know that my dog is in safe hands?

For every dog walker, we do a thorough background check before getting that person onboard in our dog walking agency. We get only those people onboard who are passionate about animals specially dogs. We make sure that these people enjoy what they do and can handle any breed of dog with care and love. So yes we assure you that your dog is absolutely in safe hands

What if my dog has special needs?

We understand how concerning it could be when your pet friend has a special need. We assure you that we are equipped to take care of your friend’s special need. All you need to do is mention in the records while registering and leave the rest to us. It is that simple.

Why is socialization an important part of dog training?

With the number of dogs living in seclusion, owing to nuclear family setups, there is a dearth of social skills in them today. Availing proper dog training> and dog walking services exposes them to other people, pets and a new environment, that helps to build their social skills. It is important for them to be lovable and amicable at home, and outside.

How much time will it take to train my dog?

We can begin basic dog training as early as 7 weeks when they understand basic commands such as – stay, sit, down, etc. Potty training can take place in 2 weeks or longer. However, the early you begin training the dog, more quickly they learn.

Can you walk dogs who have health problems or medical concerns?

Of course, we are happy to help! We hire great people that are great with all types of pets. We are very careful not to push dogs that have health concerns, and we go at their pace. We are always on the lookout for changes in a pet’s health and we will let you know right away if we see anything concerning.

Can you walk dog reactive dogs?

Yes, we work with dog reactive dogs on a regular basis. We are trained in best practices for handling dogs of all types. We can even continue your clicker work if you are working on a training program.

When will I get updates from my sitter?

Your sitter will send a message from every visit. Your message will include a bit about what we did at the visit, as well as pictures from that visit. We generally send 2-6 pictures per visit. 

Will I be able to meet my sitter before we leave town?

Yes, we always set up a meet & greet so you can make sure everything is a good fit. We want you to feel comfortable with our service and we want you to know that your pets are in good hands

What do you do on a visit?

Our pet sitting visits include: Feeding per your instructions, fresh water, dogs walked, love and play time, brushing, medication given if needed, mail and newspaper brought in, plants watered, lights on and off. 

Do you always visit at the time we ask for?

Yes, at most times we do. However, if we can’t we’ll let you know

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